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Picasso as an illustrator

This week, discover a drawing by Pablo Picasso [Read more]

Throughout his career, Pablo Picasso produced more than 7000 drawings. This week, we present to you a drawing by the artist dating from September 1942, which is part of a series of six.


Pablo Picasso
Portrait of a young girl, 1942
Graphite and stump drawing


This drawing is numbered VI and is the last work of the series representing a young girl. The work is accompanied by a certificate from the Picasso Committee, signed by Claude Picasso, Picasso's son. It was exhibited at the Bernard buffet museum (Japan).


Drawing to deconstruct 

It is through drawing that Pablo Picasso exploits the deconstruction of his subject and brakes completely with the codes of classical painting. Picasso synthesizes the essence of his subject and expresses its inner truth of being by transforming the human body through a simplification of forms.


Medium of expression

Like many artists, Picasso's medium for preparatory studies for his paintings is drawing. Nevertheless, he also used drawing as medium of expression, as in the case of this work representing a young girl.
He says: "Of course you never know what you are going to draw...but when you start to draw, a story, an idea is born...and that's it. Then the story grows, like in the theatre, like in life...and the drawing turns into other drawings, into a real novel."

Picasso's mother says that her son's first word was 'piz' to ask for his pencil (lapiz means pencil in Spanish). From his birth until his death, the Catalan artist drew relentlessly and used paper as preferred support for his ideas, emotions and inventions.

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