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Dali and the Divine Comedy

A major figure within the Surrealism movement and one of the mostimportant painters of the 20th century [Read more]

Hervé Di Rosa, the exploratory artist

Photo Credit : Catherine Panchout - Corbis - Getty

Poster Artists - Works by Raymond Hains, François Dufrêne, Jacques Villeglé, Mimmo Rotella

This week, we tell you about the Affichistes (Poster artists) [Read more]

Sculpture by César

Sculptor by trade César Baldaccini, aka César is related to the Nouveaux Réalistes group [Read more by clicking the image]

Duos in art : Christo and Jeanne-Claude

This week, we pay tribute to Christo with five signed works. Famous for having wrapped the Pont Neuf [Read more by clicking the link]

Duos in art : Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

Ikya and Emilia Kabakov are Russian artists living in the United States [See more]

Object ot the week - Lithograph by Marc Chagall inspired by a mosaic

Marc CHAGALL - Landscape with rooster, 1958 - Handsigned lithograph

Object of the week - Urban poetry with MadC

MADC - 11-09-03062019, 2019 - Spray and Acrylic and watercolours on canvas.

Object of the week - Works by the Section d'Or

Cubist works exhibited at the Grand Palais, Salon d'automne 1912

Object of the week - A unique acrylic on canvas by JonOne
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